Do thoughts of food consume you?
Is it the focus of every waking moment?
Do you want to live life free of weight and body image issues?
Free to work and play on your terms, without guilt, shame and secrecy?

Don’t give up on that goal. The eating disorder is not a life sentence.
It can be beaten.

Join us, and do it.


At the Eating Disorder Recovery Hub, we’ve lived your struggle.

So there’s no patronising ‘professional’ oversimplifying your disorder. No meal plans being handed out, because your problem has nothing to do with nutrition.

You’re among friends who have lived your struggle every day. And friends who are now free of it.

Just as importantly, you’re in a place where you can take your disorder out of its box, examine it honestly from all angles and recognise it for what it is: a disordered relationship with food and your body. It can be beaten.

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How many times have you decided to change? How many New Year’s resolutions? How many promises to yourself and your family? And every time, you failed, right?

The fact is, you didn’t fail. The scientific reality of your eating disorder is that no amount of self-discipline will overcome it.


Your eating disorder is the result of some unconscious patterns that have been playing over and over. Patterns that your brain has developed over many years to help you cope with some other part of your life – usually a part that has absolutely nothing to do with food.

So when you read that inspirational self-help book, resolved to stop, then fell back into the same old habits within a few days or a week, that was why. And when you committed yourself to that proven diet, but fell off the wagon after only a couple of weeks, that was why.

But you still blamed yourself, didn’t you? You felt guilty, frustrated and hopeless? You still do. You feel you’re not good enough, not strong enough. It’s an ugly, lonely spiral.

In fact, you’ve probably started thinking it’s no longer worth trying. Nothing will ever change. You’re not worth investing in. Right?


The only real way to experience lasting change is to understand what your eating disorder is helping you cope with.

That sounds counter-intuitive, given how debilitating it can be, but it’s true. You need to identify the patterns driving it. The automatic programs running in the background of everything you do, think and feel.


The Eating Disorder Recovery Hub provides the support, knowledge and tools you need to identify and understand your unconscious patterns, and break the vicious cycle for good.

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A forum where you can interact live with other members and once a week will have an “Ask Evonne” forum where she will answer all your questions regarding recovery.

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A live call with Evonne once a month, where you can ask questions and really pick her brains. There’ll also some exciting guest appearances from time to time.

VideosVIDEOS &

Exclusive access to videos and podcasts of world-renowned experts, workshops, seminars, conferences, retreat events, interviews and bonus extended versions of Bite Size Tips.


Gain critical insights that will help you recover from your eating disorder, no matter what stage of recovery you’re at, or what other treatment you’re receiving.

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Get a free audio version of our book, To Eat or Not to Eat, as well as free e-books, and discounts on all our other books – hard copy, Kindle & audiobook.

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Get exclusive Members-Only early access to our Resource Guides, Podcasts, newsletters and transcripts.


Watch exclusive live interviews with people of key influence in eating disorder treatment, body positive movement and personal development.

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Exclusive access to all new resources and material developed for the program… We have a lot of exciting new stuff in the pipeline!


Evonne EnglezosEvonne Englezos

Co-Founder & Director

  • Masters of Applied Social Science (Counselling).
  • B Soc Sc. Grad Dip Counselling.
  • Master NLP Practitioner
  • Recovered bulimia and binge eating sufferer

Evonne won her 14-year battle with bulimia, binge eating and exercise addiction 9 years ago. She now dedicates her life to helping others do the same.
She’s the co-Author of ‘To Eat or Not to Eat’, a woman’s guide to overcoming disordered eating, she’s shared the stage with and worked alongside international experts on women’s issues around food, weight and body image.
She’s also presented papers at the following conferences: CEDD Conference 2012. Paper – ”Hunger as Metaphor”. CAPA of NSW – Dimensions of Diversity June 2012. ANZAP Conference 2013, Australian and New Zealand Eating Disorder and Obesity Conference 2014 – Papers and Workshops “Beyond the Myths of Eating Disorders”.

Evonne has worked with hundreds of women to transform their lives. Evonne is known as a change agent in the industry of eating disorders for women.

Above all, she makes complicated concepts easy to digest and in her work she provides clarity, honesty and a lot of laughter.

Special guests

As a member of the Eating Disorder Recovery Hub, you’ll get unparalleled access to key insights from a range of respected eating disorder practitioners. Regular guests and contributors include:

  • Dr. Anita Johnston, Ph.D – Anita is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, a Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) and Director of the Anorexia & Bulimia Center of Hawaii, and author of Eating in the Light of the Moon: How Women Can Transform Their Relationships with Food Through Myth, Metaphor, and Storytelling.
  • Sue Paton, M App Psychoth, M. Ed (Adult) – Sue is a psychotherapist, educator, Family & Addiction Specialist, Clinical Director of Australia’s first intensive outpatient program, and co-author of ‘To Eat or Not to Eat’.



Whenever you need help the most, no matter what time it is. Weekends, public holidays, whatever… If you’re struggling, we’re here, so you’re never alone.

Wherever you are, on any device. You always have access to our valuable support, guidance and resources, but you can participate completely at your own pace.

You can even download select recordings and listen offline. Maybe while you’re commuting… just make sure you don’t miss your stop! 😉

And if you have any technical difficulties, our support team’s always here to help.



To Eat or Not to Eat – A woman’s guide to overcoming disordered eating

“In this book, Sue Paton and Evonne Englezos brilliantly describe how struggles with eating and food are about so much more than what is visible to the eye…Using a superb combination of professional expertise and personal experience, they demonstrate how these struggles can be a form of communication from our deepest selves; how the behaviours can be seen as an attempt to express that which we, for one reason or another, are not able to put into words. Pioneers and intrepid gardeners in the field of eating disorders, they understand that disordered eating behaviours are like weeds. If you just cut them off from the top, given the right circumstances, they can grow right back. But if you dig deep and eradicate the roots, you can eliminate them altogether… They describe the skills and tools needed to find freedom from food and weight struggles, and with equal parts empathy, wisdom, and inspiration, show how to make room for a life in which beautiful things can grow and flourish.”

Dr Anita Johnston PhD. – Author of ‘Eating in the Light of the Moon’

What others are saying about the Eating Disorder Recovery Hub…

I’ve suffered with bulimia for over 25 years and have never got so much clarity and understanding of this eating disorder despite seeing several psychologists. I’ve only just begun to unravel the habits that have consumed my life with the help of the eating disorder recovery hub, I can’t thank these guys enough for giving me hope that this fight will one day be over. – LG.

I feel like I finally have found people who understand not only my eating problems but me too! In watching videos, talking to Evonne and participating in the webinars, I am finally at a place where I believe I will recover from this hell. The focus is about true, real change and the knowledge I have gained the past few weeks is so insightful and more than I ever got through all my past work. I have a long road ahead of me but I can finally say I see the light and understand the changes to come. Also, I love the fact that at any given moment I can find help and understanding. This is run by someone who has walked the road I am on so therefore truly gets the meaning of an eating disorder! – CL.


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